Fleece Warm Twin Full Queen King size Bedding Set Gray Brown Duvet/Quilt cover Bed Fitted sheet set ropa de cama parrure de lit

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Material: Thick fleece fabric


​Bed sheet style


Twin size 3pcs

1 piece Duvet Cover: 150*200cm(59*79inches)
1 piece Bedsheet:180*230(96*98inches)
1 piece Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*30inches)

Full Size 4pcs

1 piece Duvet Cover: 180*200cm(71*79inches)

1 piece Bedsheet:200*230(79*90inches)
2 piece Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*30inches)

Queen Size 4pcs

1 piece Duvet Cover: 200*230cm(79*91inches)
1 piece Bedsheet:230*250(90*98inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*30inches)

King Size 4pcs

1 piece Duvet Cover: 220*240cm(87*94inches)
1 piece Bedsheet:245*250(96*102inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*30inches)
Fitted sheet style
Twin size 3Pcs 
1 piece Duvet Cover: 150*20   0cm(59*79   inches)
1 piece Fitted sheet:120*200+20cm(47*79+8inches)
1 piece Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*30inches)

Full Size 4pcs

1 piece Duvet Cover: 180*200cm(71*79inches)

1 piece Fitted sheet:140*200+20(55*79+8inches)
2 piece Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*30inches)

Queen Size 4Pcs 

1 piece Duvet Cover: 200*230cm(78.7*90.6inches)

1 piece Fitted Sheet:150*200+20cm(59*79+8inches)

2 pieces Pillowcases: 48*74cm(18.9*29.1inches)


King Size 4Pcs 

1 piece Duvet Cover: 220*240cm(86.6*94.5inches)

1 piece Fitted Sheet:180*200+20cm(71*79+8inches)

2 pieces Pillowcases: 48*74cm(18.9*29.1inches)


Fitted sheet with elastic band. 


1 cm = 0.3937008 inches


                         Fitted sheet style                                                           Bed sheet style










How to use the bedding set ?


  1. How to use duvet cover ?
    • Duvet cover with zipper on back side, please open zipper, and put same size duvet into duvet cover to use.  that will be thick and warm as picture. before order the bedding set please measure duvet, mattress size then choose the match size bedding set.
    • Duvet cover we call it Duvet protect cover. when wash it, please open duvet cover zipper and take out the duvet,  only wash the duvet cover.
    • The duvet cover is washable and gentle, Do not use a high temperature dryerso as not to damage the toughness of the fiber, After the duvet cover is dried, iron it flat, open the zipper, and put into duvet to use.
  2. How to use flat sheet?
    •   full cover your mattress
  3. How to use fitted sheet?
    • fitted sheet with elastic, full cover mattress 
  4. How to use pillowcases?
    • please put pillow into pillowcases to use


Kindly Reminder


This is duvet cover set do not include any filling or pillow filling, if you need filling, please open this link to order the duvet and pillows

The duvet cover with zipper, please open it and put same size comforter into it. if your comforter/blanket size 200x230cm so you should choose 200x230cm duvet cover,  if you need comforter please open this link we can provide discounts price. thanks

Because long distance transport, the bedding set is not so flat as picture, please wash and iron it, will be flat and beautiful as the picture.

We have made the package is tight, because long distance, when you open it please take care not cut it. thanks

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